Achieving Positive Outcomes Through Arbitration And Mediation

Negotiation, arbitration and mediation of a dispute can be far less expensive, less stressful alternatives to litigation in court.

In San Diego and Southern California, the skilled lawyer who is versatile enough to advocate for you before judge and jury — and represent your interests during the refereeing that goes on during alternative dispute resolution — is Julian McMillan of the McMillan Law Group.

As your attorney, Julian McMillan can enlist a neutral third party to hear both sides of a disagreement or provide a powerful voice for your goals during mediation. He has applied this deep legal knowledge and client focus during 20 years of practice.


This method is often employed to settle disputes stemming from contract interpretation and enforcement of contract rights. Each side presents a brief on the issues. The arbitrator then questions witnesses, hears testimony and arguments, and renders a decision.

Having an experienced attorney by your side during this process is essential, due to time constraints and a limited briefing schedule. This efficient approach makes arbitration a cost- effective alternative for resolving disputes.


Mediation is a less formal means of clearing up a disagreement. Its goal is reasonable settlement of a case without resorting to arbitration or litigation — and the result could very well be a settlement, a compromise, rather than an outright victory for either side. A successful mediation often amounts to one where neither party leaves satisfied.

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