Experienced Bankruptcy Advice For Your Family And Business

For almost 20 years, McMillan Law Group has counseled clients seeking sound legal advice on consumer and corporate Chapter 7 liquidation bankruptcy strategies, as well as consumer Chapter 13 reorganization.

As your lawyer, Julian McMillan can astutely advise as to which debts are dischargeable through bankruptcy and which are not; whether you qualify for Chapter 7 protection via the "means test"; what possessions you will be allowed to keep after bankruptcy; and how to avoid court-ordered wage garnishment, bank levies, motor vehicle repossession, mortgage foreclosure and creditor harassment that disrupts your life.

Our goals are to return you to a steady financial standing, repair your credit and put stressful debt liability behind you, once and for all.

If for some reason you are ineligible for bankruptcy, we can discuss solid alternatives such as loan modifications through negotiations with creditors.

Along with the benefits of this expertise, bankruptcy clients also receive responsive personal service from start to finish of the legal process. We welcome your questions and offer maximum availability, so that any sudden concern can be promptly addressed.

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Mr. McMillan and associate attorney Dana Nassiri Park also make themselves available to creditors experiencing legal and financial issues with debtors. Our initial consultations are free of charge and can be arranged right now at 619-880-4371 or by email message.

We are a debt relief agency that advises clients according to the federal Bankruptcy Code.