Skilled Guidance On Bankruptcy Alternatives In San Diego

Not only does bankruptcy not work for everyone, but many consumers do not qualify for Chapter 7 protection and wind up seeking viable alternatives to methods for true debt relief.

If you are a debtor with assets beyond the exemption limits and you still face a troubling garnishment or levy by a bank, McMillan Law Group will strive to resolve the debt with creditors, so that repayment arrangements are manageable without your needing to file for bankruptcy.

Our debt relief law firm's experienced founding attorney, Julian McMillan, deals with the same creditors time and again. He knows what their criteria for settlement are and is therefore able to guide you through the legal process.

Whether your urgent legal need is a short sale of your home or a loan modification negotiated with a creditor — and your credit rating is in dire need of repair — look to bankruptcy lawyer Julian McMillan to work hard for the brighter future you deserve. You will appreciate our expertise, efficiency and dedication to personal service that addresses every client concern.

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We are a debt relief agency that advises clients according to the federal Bankruptcy Code.