Client Successes

While we are thrilled with all of our awards and accolades, we believe that our track record and past client referrals and testimonials are the best metric by which we should be judged.

Here is a sample of the successes we have had for our clients.

  • Resolved a residential real estate dispute in favor of first-time homebuyers who had unknowingly purchased a rodent-infested home

  • Discharged over $130,000 in student loan debt for a bankruptcy client

  • Obtained a judgment in favor of a client in a Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) action against a major international financial institution
  • Defended a client in a $756,000 adversarial proceeding

  • Resolved a homeowners association (HOA) dispute in favor of our client

  • Resolved a contract dispute in favor of a client opposing a contract party in China

  • Assisted in the relaunch of a popular surf and action sports company
  • Resolved a $1.6 million contract dispute in favor of our client