Protecting Consumers With California's Lemon Law And Other Regulations

Californians purchase new and used cars with the reasonable expectation that those motor vehicles will routinely function as auto dealers promise. When vehicles turn out to be "lemons," and those dealer assurances wind up sounding empty, consumers look to skilled, dedicated attorneys to seek justice for them.

The experienced lawyer and consumer advocate to speak with in San Diego and surrounding areas is Julian McMillan, founder of McMillan Law Group.

During his 20 years of experience, Julian McMillan has become a champion for the causes of car, truck and SUV buyers who discover surprises that should have been revealed by dealers but were not. They may learn their vehicle was formerly a rental car, or they have had to return the vehicle to the dealership several times for the same issue. Some car buyers are victims of odometer fraud; Others buy a used car only to discover it has been in a significant wreck and incurred permanent frame damage.

Know Your Rights

Did your car dealer refuse to act on the obligation that it buy your vehicle back after these kinds of valid complaints? Do you know about your right to a lemon law buy-back? Are you familiar with terms such as "iron lots" and "wrap-around warranties?"

Julian McMillan strenuously opposes corner-cutting by auto manufacturers and deceptive practices by licensed motor vehicle dealers. He is ready to talk to you about your experience with new car fraud, used car fraud and lemon law abuses.

Act Promptly To Protect Your Interests

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