Were You Defrauded By A San Diego Car Dealer?

If the car, truck or SUV you thought you purchased is actually being leased by you ...

If you are only now finding out that your new vehicle was once a rental car ...

If it appears that the odometer on your used car has been rolled back ...

You may be a victim of car dealer fraud in general, and perhaps financing fraud in particular. Your dealership salesperson and his or her superiors did not tell you the truth. And now, thanks to experienced attorney and consumer advocate Julian McMillan, you can hold these parties accountable for your losses and inconvenience, in a court of law if necessary.

McMillan Law Group in San Diego has taken up the causes of defrauded consumers just like you for more than 20 years. Julian McMillan has proven himself adept at thorough investigation of consumer complaints, negotiations with automobile dealerships over their deceptive practices and litigation against them to protect your rights.

Mr. McMillan is also highly proficient at prosecuting lemon law cases, when car buyers have to return a vehicle to the dealership several times for the same problem, encounter title issues traced to a dealership's contractual sleight-of-hand, or realize that their purchased or leased vehicle suffered significant damage in a major traffic accident.

Let Us Review The Facts Of Your Car Purchase

Has your California auto dealership's "failure to disclose" caused you emotional stress, financial expense and constant concerns about your physical safety in a vehicle that should never have been sold or leased in the first place? The law firm to come to for the justice you deserve is McMillan Law Group.

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