Litigation Leadership That Protects Your Rights In California Courts

People seek legal recourse in the courts typically as a last resort. Differences can arise over language in a contract, boundaries between neighbors and a landlord's desire to evict a tenant. When negotiations to produce a settlement break down, the participation of an experienced litigation attorney is essential to a positive outcome.

In San Diego and surrounding areas, the lawyer with 20 years of trial experience who can protect your rights before judge and jury is Julian McMillan of McMillan Law Group.

Our firm handles contentious disputes in state court involving:

  • Civil matters between individuals and individuals vs. businesses
  • State law claims
  • Lemon law issues, if an auto dealership has behaved in an unethical manner
  • Landlord-tenant disputes
  • Real estate disputes
  • Business litigation for breach of contract, breach of fiduciary duty, partnership and shareholder disputes, and business fraud

Julian McMillan will listen to your side of the story and conduct exhaustive investigation into your claim. He will thoroughly prepare your case, skillfully negotiate with opposing counsel and argue for your version of events in the courtroom.

Are you suing or being sued on grounds that could lead to civil litigation? Contact McMillan Law Group. Your initial consultation is free and can be scheduled right now at 619-880-4371 or by emailing us.