Experienced Real Estate Transaction And Litigation Representation

Achieving a positive result in a commercial real estate transaction typically requires a complex parsing of client goals, complicated laws and local ordinances.

In San Diego and surrounding areas, the experienced California real estate attorney who can make sense of all this, to your benefit — and guide you through the process of buying, selling, leasing or partitioning a piece of land — is Julian McMillan of McMillan Law Group.

For 20 years, Julian McMillan has used his business advisory function as a lawyer to expedite real estate acquisitions for corporate clients. He will arm you with all the facts related to your options, rights and obligations when pursuing a commercial real estate transaction, lease review or buy-sell agreement.

Additionally, if a dispute arises before, during or after a sale or purchase — and that disagreement cannot be settled by negotiation, arbitration or mediation — Mr. McMillan's extensive trial experience works to your advantage during litigation.

Do you have questions about lending or borrowing, financing or refinancing? You get honest answers and realistic assessments at McMillan Law Group. To learn more about our expertise, efficiency and emphasis on personal service during commercial real estate transactions and litigation, contact us.

Reach Julian McMillan by phone at 619-880-4371 or stay online to schedule your free initial consultation by email message.