What Our Clients Say

Nata B.

Julian gave me the best present for Christmas — my peace of mind and freedom. I cannot stress this enough. He does what he says, he is as straightforward as can be, and he makes absolute sure you understand the process.

I have been trying to reason with the bank over my property in the state of Oregon for 2½ years. First the attempts to short sale (where they would not accept offers), then attempts to foreclose that resulted in me being served the court paperwork...The bank decided to do a judicial foreclosure (allowed in many states — I had no idea), with a 30-day window to file for an opposition. Needless to say, I was beyond stunned. It was more like, "Is my life over?"

I never faced any legal situation before, let alone something like this. Don't know why exactly I decided to go to Google and Yelp — I guess because people provide the reviews; You read about their situations and realize there is help out there. And that's how I found Julian at McMillan Law Group.

I called on Friday, and even though Julian was not supposed to be in the office in the afternoon, he said, "Come over and let's see what we can do." Same day, within three hours of me calling, we had a plan of action. By Monday, I knew he would try to do his best to avoid bankruptcy for me. In a month and a half we completed the paperwork in which the bank agreed to take the house without any further financial dispute. I don't know how he persuaded the bank, but it happened. By the end of the year, I received the full paperwork signed by the bank lawyers confirming this resolution.

If I could put 10 stars I seriously would. Thank you so much!

Stacey M.

Julian McMillan is one of the most professional and personable people I've come across in a long time. It is rare to find someone in this field who is so trustworthy and honest. He never makes you feel like he is bothered by your questions and always makes time for you. I would HIGHLY recommend him to anyone that may be going through financial or legal situations!