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Do these things to avoid buying a lemon

While it can be thrilling to buy a new car, your joy can turn to pain if you find yourself stuck with a lemon.

Even if you do your research up front, there is no guarantee you won't get stuck with a vehicle that doesn't live up to expectations.

If there is a serious problem with your vehicle, such as an issue with the brakes or suspension, you may be able to use the lemon law to your advantage. This allows you to take legal action, all with the idea of receiving compensation from the manufacturer or having your vehicle replaced.

Rather than go down that path, it's better to avoid buying a lemon in the first place. Here are some tips you can follow:

  • Check the reliability record of the vehicle before making a purchase. If you don't like what you see, it's best to opt for another vehicle. There is no point in taking a risk with such a big purchase.
  • Read online reviews. The more consumer reviews you read the easier it is to understand what you're getting into if you purchase a particular make and model. For example, if you come across other consumers noting that they bought a lemon, you may be taking a big risk by moving forward with your purchase.
  • Test-drive the vehicle. There is never a good time to purchase a vehicle without first taking it on a test-drive. Don't make this mistake.
  • Check everything (twice). From the interior to the exterior, from the suspension to the transmission, you need to inspect every last inch of the vehicle you want to buy.

While following these tips can help you avoid buying a lemon, there is no guarantee that you won't find yourself in a bad spot.

If you're stuck with a lemon, learn more about your legal rights to decide which steps to take next. You may be able to bring legal action against the manufacturer, which could result in receiving compensation or even a new vehicle.

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