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The most common types of auto dealer fraud

When you purchase a car from a dealer or retailer, you may be vulnerable to auto dealer fraud. In order to protect yourself from fraud, and to be in a position to take action after becoming a victim to fraud, it is a good idea to make sure that you know how fraud is usually committed when it comes to auto dealing.

Fraud can happen during any part of the auto dealing process. Much of the time, fraud occurs because the customer is sold a vehicle that the buyer believes is more valuable, better functioning and in a better condition than it really is. The following are some of the most common ways that fraudsters try to trick consumers in the auto dealing industry.

Selling a salvaged vehicle without declaring it as such

When a vehicle was involved in a car accident or was flood damaged and needed extensive repair, it is known as being salvaged. When a car is salvaged, the seller of the car must disclose this information to the buyer. However, many auto dealers wrongfully refrain from sharing this information.

Concealing extra maintenance fees

When you pay for the purchase of vehicle, you expect to be signing up for a one-off price. However, many fraudulent dealers subtly add on other recurring payments, such as warranty costs or maintenance fees without asking the customer first. This type of behavior can be classed as fraudulent.

Tampering with milage measures

A car's mileage goes a long way toward influencing the selling price of a car. Fraudulent auto dealers know this. Therefore, many decide to tamper with the odometer (milage tracker in the car) and roll it back to give the illusion that the car has driven fewer miles than it actually has.

There are many ways in which customers purchasing a car can be victims of fraud. Unfortunately, many instances of auto dealer fraud can be difficult to prove. Taking the time to look into the details of your situation will increase your chances of making a successful claim against fraudulent auto dealers in the state of California. The more you understand the law, the better equipped you will be to make a claim.

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