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Nissan Sentra Transmission Issues

Is your Nissan Sentra or other new or certified used vehicle having transmission issues? Vehicles that may be affected include the Nissan Altima, Versa, Murano, Xterra, Rogue, Pathfinder, and Cube. If your new or certified used vehicle is having recurring transmission issues, call our office at 619-880-4371 to determine whether or not your vehicle is a lemon. The dealership's service department and service technicians may not tell you that your vehicle is suffering from a transmission issue, but there may be signs such as the "check engine" light illuminating, the vehicle suddenly losing power, or making loud noises when the vehicle accelerates. You may be entitled to a repurchase or replacement of your current vehicle if your vehicle is protected by California's consumer protection laws.

Toyota Rear Wheel Drift Defect - is your Toyota truck a lemon?

We are seeing an increasing number of potential clients call with regard to rear wheel "drifting" in their newer Toyota Tacomas, Tundras, 4Runners and Landcrusiers. Ifyou have experienced this issue, please click here or call our office at 619-880-4371 to determine whether or not your vehicle is a lemon. In the event that it is, we can force the manufacturer to either buy-back the vehicle or give you a new one.

Is Your Chevrolet Cruz A Lemon?

Have you been having issues with the fuel pump on your Chevrolet Cruze? We have had a number of clients who have had issues ranging from failure to start to complete shutdown at speed. Your vehicle may be a lemon. This means that you may be entitled to a full buy back or can force the manufacturer to give you a brand new car. If you have questions or concerns email us, or please call our offices at 619-880-4371.

Bought a car that's been underwater?

Hurricane Harvey, the storm that ravaged Houston this summer, is believed to have trashed over a million automobiles. Those vehicles were supposed to be classified as salvage, but many have been unlawfully sold to secondary markets. Many of these have shown up in California car lots.

Faulty vehicles: what is a lemon law?

After several months of research, you purchase a car that comes with the manufacturer’s new car warranty. You got a great price from the dealer, and they ensure you that you are getting a great deal. Within the first month, you take the car back in for repairs. Each month after, you find yourself returning to the dealer to get the same problem looked at again and again.


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